Modern Lady Fitness, Decaff Grapefruit, Maplewaves, Fuzznaut


Modern Lady Fitness, Decaff Grapefruit, Maplewaves, Fuzznaut

Thu, November 1, 2018

8:00 pm


Pittsburgh, PA

$6 ADV/$8 DOS

This event is 21 and over

Modern Lady Fitness, Decaff Grapefruit, Maplewaves, Fuzznaut
Modern Lady Fitness, Decaff Grapefruit, Maplewaves, Fuzznaut
psychedelic indie rockers from Ypsilanti, MI
with special guests Decaffeinated Grapefruit
The Maplewaves
and Fuzznaut

"There's no instruction manual for dreaming, no rule book for how to move the blood through your veins. But how would those texts read if there were? Ypsilanti trio Modern Lady Fitness manages to draft a new chapter for the Official Handbook For Proper Dreaming with each song on new album Awake. Understated and grid-like, this is pop at its most restrained and focused, with straight-ahead and plainspoken rock vibes detouring into valleys of glassy-eyed psychedelia so smoothly it flies under the radar the first few listens. Like how the acoustic bounce of "Growing Veins" melts into a blissed out soundtrack for a spaceship landing not even a minute in, never returning to those upbeat beginnings but just lingering in a haunted meadow until it's gone. "Bridge" sounds like Marc Bolan passing PJ Harvey on an empty street, both of them making uncomfortable eye contact, wondering if they should say anything, both deciding it may be better to keep walking. "O Dreams" stays at a strange boiling point, a dream diary that reaches more unfathomable/purely imagined places in its song structure than with its lyrics retelling alien encounters and meeting the president's wife. The ten tracks here should make no sense together; the various spooky moods, non-repeating parts and tentacle-like song ideas should sound like a sixteen car pile up caused by a misspelled breakup text sent while driving. But no, like any dream retold in the waking world, the lines of time and gravity become liquid, the faces are changed but the identities are unmistakable and each strange piece clicks together into a buzzing, unevenly perfect whole."

-Fred Thomas
Venue Information:
146 44th Street
Pittsburgh, PA, 15201